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Other sanitizing systems are also available at Pleasant Pools and Spas.

Mineralizing systems introduce very small amounts of copper and silver into the pool water. Copper controls algae growth while silver controls bacteria growth. Mineralizing systems are low chlorine systems. It is recommended to keep your chlorine level between 0.5 ppm and 1.0 ppm when using a mineralizer. Mineralizing low-chlorine systems are great alternatives to regular chlorine usage. Ask your pool professional at Pleasant Pools and Spas about Pollywog mineralizers and the Nature 2 Express Mineralizer.


Bromine is more stable in high temperatures than chlorine. The Brilliance Bromine system for Pools available at Pleasant Pools and Spas has none of the chlorine-like side effects that normal bromine tablets have. It is more expensive than chlorine, but shock and algaecide use is much less. It is a viable alternative to chlorine. Ask your pool professional at Pleasant Pools and Spas about Brilliance Bromine for pools.

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