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1. Filter Flush: An enzymatic cleaner used to clean oils and debris from filter sand, grids, or cartridges. Should be used twice a season for optimal filtration.

2. Metal Control: To keep metals and minerals bound up in water to prevent related problems.

3. Conquest: To remove metals from water when a metal or mineral problem occurs.

4. Clarifier: To make small particles larger aiding in filtration. To be used for haziness due to particulate when bottom of pool can be seen.

5. Floc: To settle unfiltered particles to the bottom of the pool. To be used for cloudiness due to particulate when bottom of pool cannot be seen.

6. Algaecide 60: Specially formulated 60% algaecide to kill green algae.

7. Copper Algaecide: To kill stubborn black, green, or mustard algae. Visit Pleasant Pools for important precautions when using copper algaecide. Follow up with Conquest.

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