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Your pool's water chemistry has two distinct areas that need regular maintenance: sanitizing and water balance. A water test at Pleasant Pools and Spas provides assessment of both areas.

The sanitizing aspect refers to Bacquaci sanitizer, Baquacil, chlorine, bromine, or a mineralizer. Your sanitizer of choice keeps bacteria and algae from growing in the pool.

The water balance aspect refers to the pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, metals, and total dissolved solids. Correct water balance maintains a comfortable swimming environment and keeps the water from degrading pool equipment and accessories.

Salt h20 is balanced the same as basic chlorine. Proper water balance is essential to ensuring long term enjoyment of your swimming pool and protecting your backyard investment. Proper balance also prevents premature failure of your equipment.

Sanitizing Chemistry

   1. Chlorine

   2. Baquacil

   3. Other Sanitizing Options

   4. Salt/Chlorine Generators

Water Balance Chemistry

    1. Understanding Water Balance Chemistry

    2. Specialty Chemicals

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